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New information ARTPOP: "Venus" is ahead

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Lady Gaga has been very active on Twitter. He keeps writing to her fans, answering questions and writing while at work. One of the most important data that has been given is that "Venus" the second single from "ARTPOP" advance its release a couple of days, that is, we can enjoy this song on Friday, October 25th (the original date was the 27). The cover of "Venus" will before, though, as the singer has said it is not yet finished.He also confirmed via Twitter that the director of the video clip will be Ruth Hogben , who has worked with Gaga in the session for ELLE Magazine this year, and the interludes Monster Ball Tour . Gaga also spoke about the booklet (the booklet disk with the words to the songs). The booklet has been recently completed and ready for shipment. Also uploaded an image of it, which was then removed. In this picture we discovered that inside the booklet there are some nude photos of Gaga, performing test poses Koons sculpture.

Additionally, Gaga has said that another fragment hear one of the songs from "ARTPOP". This time it's "Do What U Want" , collaboration with R. Kelly, and we can hear the snippet of this topic in an advertisement for the headphones Beats By Dre very soon.

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