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Lady Gaga Interview translated into the site 'Breathe Heavy'

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Two days ago, Lady Gaga posted a picture on his Instagram at holding a sign with the name of the famous fansite dedicated to Britney Spears, " BreatheHeavy.com ". Below is the full translated interview and the website has done to our Mother Monster: 

*********************** "Thus reborn Lady Gaga, baby" 

After speaking with Lady Gaga on the phone for half an hour last week while on tour in Europe, I could see that she has an old soul. It's exactly like that, because she and her partner of 88 years, Tony Bennett, engage well when singing his new jazz album, "Cheek To Cheek". 

She said over and over again about how happy she is and how it all makes sense now. Lady Gaga has more control of his music, his image and his body now more than ever. Becoming a pop superstar has his price and now she is willing to sacrifice. First, I asked him how he was. 

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