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Lady Gaga has sent a message of support for a Little Monster

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So Little Monsters, Sloan -Taylor Rabinor , current Dancer "Haus Of Gaga " and personal trainer of Lady Gaga, has asked our Mother Monster if you could send a message to a Little Monster, named Ryan , who is who got depression.

Without hesitation , Lady Gaga has agreed to record a video where you spend beautiful and brave words to this fan, in order to help address this delicate moment of his life:

"Hi Ryan, I'm Gaga. I heard you're going through a difficult time. I just wanted to get to you and send this video to tell you how you have inspired me over the years. You're so strong, that has always stood out from the crowd. You so sweet and loving soul, you're all we need now, we all love you. Sometimes,depression and anxiety can dominate your life and can make things look worse than they really are and often, these things are really bad, but I promise that things will get better. The sun will come out from behind the clouds, fog will decrease and you will see the trees again, only resists and lean on us in the way you can.Remember that you have a very special place in the world that is unique and only that nothing and nobody can take that away because yours. It is your right to live and your right to be happy. I love you. I will pray that you have many days happiness, my sweet Ryan. Goodbye Monster "

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